The sounds of snarling vocals, thrash guitar riffs, overdriven bass, and ferocious drumming are the perfect combination for punk rock angst and The Havoc deliver all of the above. On the hot streets of south Los Angeles, The Havoc was born in November of 2001. Shortly thereafter, they began playing locally and also released their first 7” E.P. entitled “Who’s Gonna Die…” The band pressed only 1,000 copies and sold out of the E.P. on their first tour during the summer of 2002. This immediately began creating waves in the underground punk scene and the result was the groups signing to Punk Core Records.

Hot on the heels of “Who’s Gonna Die…”, The Havoc released their debut full-length entitled “Our Rebellion Has Just Begun” in 2003. The 12 tracks on this record take the listener through a high speed, adrenaline fueled rampage that will leave you feeling as though you were hit by a cyclone of heavy punk rock!! An instant classic, the album conquered the punk scene and garnered rave reviews from almost every underground music magazine on the stands.

After touring relentlessly for an almost solid three years, the band then released their second E.P. on Punkcore Records in 2005, entitled “Road Warrior.” Right away the maturity The Havoc had gained in their songwriting was not only evident, but kept listeners on the edge of their seats. Achieving a more unique sound than their first record, this effort shows a tighter, heavier, harder, more melodic band. While being compared to the early thrash antics of Metallica and Motorhead, “Road Warrior” destroys the notion that the band are confined to only one genre of music.

On July 13, 2006, the band announced on their myspace blog that they were breaking up; They played their last show on September 22nd of 2006 at The Allen Theatre in Southgate, CA. Although they had ended their career as The Havoc, they had started another band featuring the founding members Jason, Justin, and Josiah. Carrying over the two symbols they used for The Havoc, a spade, and a razor blade, they named their new band Spades And Blades, as a tribute to their history. Starting out as a Hard Rock band with punk rock roots, they modeled their sound off Rock Gods, Motorhead, Motley Crue, and Guns N’ Roses. Expecting their fans to follow them through this transition, they continued in this direction for a year playing relentlessly in every all ages venue and dive bar they could find in Southern California. It was evident by the end of 2007, this effort was not worthwhile.

Faced with the dilemma of what to do next, the band went into seclusion for the next year and revamped their sound entirely. Returning to The Havoc was not an option in their mind at the time. They had started Spades And Blades to mature as musicians and explore other musical territories. The next logical step for them was to go heavier and harder with their sound. When the band reemerged in 2008, the result was a new lineup and a more metalcore/rock sound. As the band forged on over the next several years, their sound got heavier, and heavier, and heavier. Today, they have one full length L.P. “Blood of the Innocent”, that was released in late 2010, under their belt, and are currently finalizing their sophomore effort “The End Is Near”.

In October 2013, the band was approached by a local punk rock promoter in Southern California about having The Havoc perform at the annual Gnarmageddon Fest. The band thought it was a good opportunity for them to revisit their roots and they agreed. Currently, they are only scheduled for one performance in 2014, however other shows may be booked. There is talk of recording new material, as well, but nothing is confirmed to date.

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