Hailing from Los Angeles, California, The Havoc formed in the Fall of 2001, with the intent of making a name for themself in the rapidly growing street punk scene in America. They wasted no time writing and recording six songs for what would become their first 7″ EP, entitled Who’s Gonna Die? After self releasing it in the Spring of 2002, the band began playing local shows. During this time they caught the attention of Mike Virus. He invited the band to perform at an upcoming show in San Diego that he was booking for The Virus and his new band, Cheap Sex. At this show, members of The Virus offered to pass off the Who’s Gonna Die? EP to Jake Kolatis for consideration of joining Charged Records. However, while on a self booked, 2 week US tour later that Winter, the band was contacted by Dave Amcher of Punkcore Records instead. To their surprise, he had been given a copy of their EP by members of The Virus and was told he should consider signing them. This began the bands correspondence with Punkcore Records and their eventual signing with the label.

After returning to LA from being on the road, the band began writing sessions for their Punkcore debut. After several months, they completed work on the twelve songs that would make up their first LP, Our Rebellion Has Just Begun. The record was released on August 23rd, 2003 and subsequent tours followed to promote it. Many dates included shows with fellow punkcore alums: The Virus, A Global Threat, Lower Class Brats, Cheap Sex, Clit 45, Action, Cropknox, The Scarred, Career Soldiers, Monster Squad, and Damage Case. As well as fellow Punk Rock veterans and peers, Abrasive Wheels, D.I., The Exploited, The Unseen, The Riffs, Endless Struggle, Whiskey Rebels, and more.

While on a break from touring, writing sessions began for their next record. Not wanting to lose momentum, they decided to release an EP before continuing work on another full length album. Pushing for a heavier and more UK 82 influenced sound, the Road Warrior EP was the result. Released on January 8, 2005 – The effort featured the 2 new songs Road Warrior and Arson Attack, as well as a cover of The Partisans 17 Years of Hell. It also included live versions of the Our Rebellion Has Just Begun tracks, We’re All To Blame, Worthless Words, and Live Or Die. The latter three being recorded at the bands favorite hometown venue and punk rock haven, The Allen Theatre. The year concluded with more touring to promote the EP and saw them return to stages with many of the previously mentioned artists.

On March 7th 2006, a DVD was released by Punkcore Records entitled Pure Punk Rock. It featured performances from The Havoc of the songs We Want The Truth, More Than This, Worthless Words, and Death Comes Fast. It also contained interview footage with the band. By this time however, The Havoc had grown tired of relentless touring and rumblings had made their way to the band about the uncertainty of Punkcore Records future. Disappointed by the dwindling hope of a label home, combined with the desire to grow more musically, the band began focusing on outside influences for new material. But also recorded Demo songs in the same direction as the Road Warrior EP. These songs made their way to Punkcore Records that Spring, but the light had grown even more dim by that time. On July 13, 2006, the band announced on their myspace blog that they were breaking up with the desire to explore other musical directions. They played their last show on September 22nd of 2006 at The Allen Theatre in Southgate, CA.

Shortly thereafter, Punkcore Records ceased operations. Within a couple of years the once thriving street punk scene in the US began to dwindle. Meanwhile, The Havoc’s founding members continued working on new projects together throughout the following years. They were eventually approached in 2013 to play a reunion show for the 2014 Gnar Fest at the Glass House in Pomona, CA. The band agreed and began work on the set for this performance. The band performed at this festival on February 8, 2014. Some discussions were had amongst the band about reforming The Havoc at that time, but ultimately they decided against it.

On January 1, 2020, The Havoc uploaded a video clip to their Instagram and Facebook pages featuring someone starting a record player that had Our Rebellion Has Just Begun on the turn table. However when the music started, it was a new song clip. Not the LPs opening track. There was also the message “Our Rebellion Continues. Coming 2020.” This marked their official return and they have since been writing and recording new material to release.