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February 01, 2005


Road Warrior

  • SONGS:
  • Road Warrior
  • Arson Attack
  • Seventeen Years of Hell
  • We're All to Blame (Live)
  • Worthless Words (Live)
  • Live or Die (Live)


1. Road Warrior

There's a battle field in your city
They'll destroy everything and feel no pity
When it all comes down, where will you be?
Don't know about you, but you won't find me

Road Warrior
Lives for today
Road Warrior
Will never change

Half jumped by mister dead
We'll roam this wasteland till the end
A place where there's no underground
You'll run and hide, but you'll be found

Road Warrior
Lives for today
Road Warrior
Will never change

Who is there to hear your cry?
You had your chance to live or die
The end is here and now I'm gone
Do you know where you belong?

Road Warrior
Lives for today
Road Warrior
Will never change

2. Arson Attack

Arson Attack as the sky fades to black
Twenty-two dead they're never coming back
Suspect on the loose, free and at large
Handiwork complete, escaped free of charge
The sky fills with smoke and the moon's glowing read
The fires grow beyond control, more and more they spread
An inferno of loss, more lives erased
Painful memories that nothing can replace
Burnin like a fuse distinct in its' sound
He'll laugh as it crumbles, rubble on the ground
Your eyes begin to burn and your lungs fill with smoke
Fall down on your knees, and he'll watch you choke
Fear is the beginning, turmoil is the end
No chance of escaping, Agony within
Sad day forever, but many lie ahead
Forget about the past, nothing more to be said

3. Seventeen Years Of Hell

Seventeen years of hell and I just can't take it anymore
Its been 17 years of hell and no one has really cared for me before
All my friends said I would fail or I would end up on the run
Its been 17 years of hell and now I wanna have some fun

Because they've given me 17 years 17 years 17 years of hell
Its been 17 years of hell now what am I supposed to do
Its been 17 years of hell but I can't think of anything new

Now my future seems so bleak there's nowhere I can go
Its been 17 years of hell and my life has been going to slow

Because they've given me 17 years 17 years 17 years of hell
(written by The Partisans)

4. We're All To Blame (live)

Take a look around you
and tell me what you see
A messed up world
backwards society

We're all to blame

Everybody's out
to please themselves
Church and state
Fueled by their wealth

We're all to blame

Quit pointing the finger
at someone else to blame
We're all at fault here
and the simple fact remains

We're all to blame

Nothing's gettin' better
It's only getting worse
You can sit in complacency,
but you wouldn't be the first

We're all to blame

5. Worthless Words (live)

Talkin' trash on others, that's all you ever do
You're not impressing me, and I'm getting sick of you
Bringin' others down instead of helping them up
You're just another hypocrite who can't keep their mouth shut

Do us all a favor
And keep to yourself what you know
You stupidity is beginning to show
If you can't learn
to think before you speak
Then I don't wanna hear
what you have to say or think

Always tryin' to make
others look worse than you
It's pretty pathetic
you got nothin' better to do
Remember you'll get
what's coming your way
You'll be an embarrassment
to someone else someday

I don't care what you think

6. Live Or Die (live)

Stick that needle in your arm
You want your kicks. It won't last long
It's just another fix, dead end road
You end up stiff
Wasted all the time
You hate your life, you wonder why?
Nothing ever seems to change
Ignore the truth for the same old things

Why don't you just Live or Die?